Chapter 9 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Class 12 Notes

With this chapter, the student will be able to learn about the idea of refraction, dispersion, and reflection of light with the help of the ray picture. Using the reflection & refraction laws, image formation is clearly outlined in this chapter. The working and construction of optical devices including the eye of a human being are explained here. Furthermore, the students will also study natural phenomena that are brought to sunlight which is significant from an exam viewpoint.

Some of the subtopics covered in this chapter include Ray Optics which includes Refraction of light, optical fibers, total-internal reflection & its use, refraction on spherical surfaces, thin lens formula, lenses, lensmaker’s formula, lens power, magnification, refraction of light via a prism, and combination of thin lenses in contact.

Optical instruments includes Microscopes & astronomical telescopes (refracting & reflecting) & their power of magnifying.

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