Quarrel Meaning in Hindi?

Quarrel Meaning: Quarrel simply means to have an argument or fight over something. It can be between two people or two groups over any concerning matter. Quarrels or arguments can be big or small. It often leads to fighting, which is another synonym of quarrel.

Quarrel Meaning in hindi


You have an angry dispute with a friend or family member if you have a quarrel with them or if you quarrel with them.


झगड़ा करनाविवाद 

विवाद करनाकलह 

कलह करना

I had a terrible quarrel with my other brothers.

My brother quarrelled with my father.


When you say you have no quarrel with someone, you’re implying that you don’t see any cause to argue with them.



sentences with word quarrel

You can make the first move to end a quarrel between two people.

The Sun (2010)

Lovers quarrel when one party in the relationship has committed an act of betrayal.

Christianity Today (2000)

Do not let us quarrel about the past.

Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice (1813)

The sun adds warmth to family relationships and quarrels are healed.

The Sun (2011)

Civilisation kicked off a public quarrel about aesthetics that rages to this day.

Times, Sunday Times (2014)

The moon soothes family relationships and quarrels are forgotten.

The Sun (2009)

The letter underlined the family quarrel within the party leadership.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)

Friendship is the key to success so don’t let old quarrels jinx a new opportunity.

The Sun (2010)

Despite the quarrels between their old countries, people rubbed along well enough.

Times, Sunday Times (2012)

On a sweltering sugar plantation, two brothers quarrel.

Times, Sunday Times (2012)

examples of sentences with quarrel

You’ve gotten me into a quarrel with my son!

Paul was also embroiled in a quarrel with England.

I don’t want to quarrel with you, but for God’s sake, get out of here!

When two people quarrel, they are always both at fault, and when one of them is no longer living, one’s own guilt becomes incredibly serious.

After a quarrel with the duchess of Cleveland, the latter was fired from the king’s service.

We have no quarrel with the Leeds residents.

Before the War of 1812, his diplomacy was less successful than Alexander’s, who skillfully resolved his quarrel with Turkey and won Sweden over to his side.

Ferdinand appealed to Spain for assistance, but Spain needed to keep good relations with the pope in order to gain control of the newly discovered continent of America, and it couldn’t afford to quarrel with him.

These conquests took place between 1328 and 1338, with Orkhan’s first conquest from Musulman hands being the capture of Karassi in the latter year, the excuse being a succession quarrel following the death of the prince, Ajlan Bey.

Bayle’s chair was taken away from him in 1693 after a long quarrel.

This prince resigned in favour of his brother, Nazr Mehemet, following a prosperous reign during which the country was deeply afflicted by the revolt of his sons, who continued to quarrel after their father’s death.

In another account, he married Cassiphone, Circe’s daughter, and after killing his mother-in-law in a quarrel, he was killed by his wife.

The events in Prague, however, provided a powerful object lesson, as the quarrel between Czechs and Germans, radicals and conservatives, erupted on June 12th in a student and populist uprising.

Lothair’s second campaign drove Roger of Sicily out of southern Italy (for which Anacletus had given the title of king in exchange for his support), but a quarrel with Innocent prevented the emperor from approaching Rome.

Until Agamemnon’s quarrel with Achilles, little is known about him.

Synonyms of Quarrel

  • altercation
  • argument
  • bickering
  • brawl
  • controversy
  • difference
  • difference of opinion
  • discord
  • dispute
  • dissension
  • disturbance
  • falling-out
  • feud
  • fracas
  • misunderstanding
  • row
  • ruckus
  • run-in
  • spat
  • squabble
  • strife
  • struggle
  • tiff
  • tumult
  • vendetta
  • wrangle
  • affray
  • beef
  • breach
  • broil
  • combat
  • commotion
  • complaint
  • contention
  • difficulty
  • disapproval
  • disputation
  • dissidence
  • dust
  • fight
  • fisticuffs
  • fray
  • fuss
  • hassle
  • objection
  • rhubarb
  • scrap
  • set-to
  • battle royal
  • brannigan
  • catfight
  • argue
  • bicker
  • break with
  • carp
  • complain
  • differ
  • fall out
  • feud
  • spar
  • squabble
  • tangle
  • wrangle
  • altercate
  • battle
  • brawl
  • bump
  • caterwaul
  • cavil
  • charge
  • clash
  • collide
  • contend
  • contest
  • disapprove
  • dispute
  • dissent
  • divide
  • embroil
  • fight
  • hassle
  • row
  • scrap
  • spat
  • strive
  • struggle
  • vary
  • war
  • be at loggerheads
  • cross swords
  • find fault
  • get tough with
  • have it out
  • have words
  • lock horns
  • mix it up
  • object to
  • set to
  • take exception
  • take on

Antonyms of Quarrel

  • accord
  • agreement
  • calm
  • concord
  • concurrence
  • harmony
  • order
  • peace
  • quiet
  • approval
  • calmness
  • praise
  • sanction
  • tranquility

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