NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English

Learning English gives students many advantages, one of which is acknowledgment in society. A well-learned person will always be a well-mannered one. On top of that if his language base is good it adds to the value of a person. Reading a lot of books, literature, and newspapers will only enhance the knowledge of a person and there is no loss at all. To date, people might not read much from the physical contents but they can always read from laptops or mobiles. Reading daily is important and not the medium you choose for it.

If students are reading more it will not only increase their knowledge but their confidence too as they will have knowledge of the world outside the textbooks. English is spoken in maximum areas around the globe and it won’t be a hurdle for one to go outside and converse with people. Moreover, spoken English gives you a lot of freedom because no one will point out your grammatical errors while you speak. As far as the listener understands what you mean to say, it’s ok about the grammar part. NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English will let the students understand the lessons and poet easily because of its flowing and good language.   

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English Chapter-wise summary: –

Beehive (Prose)

  • Chapter 1 – The Fun They Had

This interesting chapter tells students a fast-forward story of the year 2157. It is about two children; a brother finds a real book and a sister who maintains a diary (digital). The story shows the world where a major role is played by computers. It is the story of a world where robots teach humans, the education system is entirely digitalized, and there are no physical schools. On finding this book, the children are surprised to know about the students, teachers, and the buildings of schools that existed long ago. 

  • Chapter 2 – The Sound of Music

This chapter teaches students about the grit and gumption of a lady Evelyn Glennie who grew deaf. The story encourages students not to lose hope come whatever may. Though the girl was deaf she was fond of music despite she could not hear anything at all. Her love for music kept her fascinated by the world around her and it was a record-breaker when she scored the highest ever marks in the history of the Royal Academy of Music just because of her sheer application to the subject. The chapter can inspire many students to do extraordinary in life.

  • Chapter 3 – The Little Girl

This chapter narrates a story of a strict father and his daughter Kezia. Students will learn how a relationship between a father and a daughter takes a dramatic turn due to one incident. Kezia’s father is a very strict disciplinarian person and commands other family members. He is also very short-tempered and due to all this Kezia is always frightened when he is around. She only becomes happy when her father leaves home for work. However, a twist in the tale discloses that he is not a bad father. Students can learn how the parents are hard from the outside and soft by heart. 

  • Chapter 4 – Truly Beautiful Mind

This chapter explains the details of the great Albert Einstein. He was a gem of a person with not only a brilliant brain but a beautiful mind too. Students will understand that geniuses don’t make out of anything. Most geniuses had a lot of odds in their life either with family or with money but they overcame the hurdles because they were passionate about their dreams. The chapter beautifully narrates the life of Albert Einstein who stood against all odds to become a genius of this world.  

  • Chapter 5 – The Snake and The Mirror

Not all things happen as we plan or desire. This chapter tells student a story how a person cannot get all he wants, on the contrary, he might get exactly opposite as destined. In this story a man, who gets saves because of a mirror, wishes to marry a fat doctor who can’t run after him if he made mistakes. But that is not to happen as he is destined to marry a lean and fit girl with the skills of a sprinter. The story tells the student to be prepared for unexpected twists in life though you have every right to dream and wish your choice.

  • Chapter 6 – My Childhood

This chapter is about our inspirational scientist and ex-president Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. This chapter will take the students in the childhood days of Sir Abdul Kalam in Tamil Nadu. His family and his desire to be a pilot led him to be the most iconic person in the history of India. The chapter is taken from his book ‘Wings of Desire” which narrates the struggle and determination of Sir Abdul Kalam. Though he was from a small village in Tamil Nadu, his family backed him to be what he was. The chapter teaches students if your vision is clear and goals are prompt, your family understands them quickly and supports you till you succeed.  

  • Chapter 7 – Packing

A very simple subject like packing is made very interesting in this chapter. People can be proud of their skills whatever they possess but can one be proud of his packing skills? The chapter explains the story of such person. He thinks that he knows the packing better that any other living person in the world. There are four characters in the story, the narrator, his friends – George, Harris, and a dog. They are all busy in packing their belonging for a trip when this narration comes up.

  • Chapter 8 – Reach for the Top

This chapter is about two sportspersons Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova. Santosh Yadav is the only mountaineer who climbed Mount Everest twice in lifetime. She is from India and is a good patriot and environmentalist. She narrates her story which will encourage students to carry their dreams and fight against all odds.

Maria Sharapova is a well-known world no 1 tennis player but her journey to the top was not a cake-walk as she encountered a lot of hurdles in her life. This chapter tells how she kept on going ahead despite the mountains of problems but she never let anything to come between her and her goals.  

  • Chapter 9 – The Bond of Love

This chapter tells a story about a baby bear and the narrator’s wife. Found accidently, this bear was grown by the couple and the wife, in particular, developed a strong bonding with the bear. As the bear grew up, due to the pressure of the society the couple were forced to send him to the zoo where he stopped eating completely. When the wife came to know about it she visited the zoo and to the surprise of everyone, the bear recognized her quickly.

The story will underline the value of love in students mind, be it human to human or human to animal. This is a very amazing story narrated beautifully.

  • Chapter 10 – Kathmandu

The chapter is about the narrator’s tour to Kathmandu, Nepal, which is India’s neighboring country. The writer explains the visit to the two most popular temples, the Pashupatinath and the Baudhnath Stupa. The description states about the similarities and differences between these two temples of Hindus and Buddhists. The narration also details about the Kathmandu city, its people, and the roads around the city. It also talks about the culture of people in Nepal.

  • Chapter 11 – If I Were You

This chapter is a drama written by Douglas James about a person Gerald who is intervened by an intruder in his house just before leaving home for work. In such critical situation too, he keeps his calm and faces the intruder intellectually. The students are taught not to lose cool and face the worst consequences with composed mind. Gerald succeeds in handing over the intruder to police with his alertness.  

Beehive (Poem)

  • Chapter 1 – The Road Not Taken

This famous poem is written by well-known Robert Frost. The poem tells the students that sometime in everyone’s life one has to make the decision and he will have two choices. The poet has taken the roads for indication. When there are two roads in front of you and you need to choose one, you don’t know where it leads and where it will end. The poet indicates to choose your options wisely to avoid the failures in future.

  • Chapter 2 – Wind

The poem by Subramania Bharati speaks about the effects of wind. He tells students that the wind can break shutters on window, scatter papers, devastates weak things, tears down pages, and many things. The students will understand that if we are weak many things can upset us but one strong mind can face the heavy wind too. It asks the students to be strong and think wisely in life. 

  • Chapter 3 – Rain On The Roof

This beautiful poem, originally from Tamil, takes the students in a place where they can feel the patter of raindrops while reading this poem. The poet tells how he listened to the patters of raindrops while he pressed his head into the pillow and missing his mother’s lap.

  • Chapter 4 – The Lake Isle Of Innisfree

This poem is by W.B. Yeats who is busy working in his current city and remembers the peace and solace of the lake of Innisfree. The students can learn his memories down the lane of this lake he always wishes to be at. Students can feel his desire to visit his alluring lake lapping by the shores with soft sounds.  

  • Chapter 5 – A Legend Of The Northland

We, as human, must exhibit exclusive kindness and help people in need generously. Human life comes once in a while so poet encourages the students to impart utmost kindness and showcase the true heart. The learning is very valuable for students as the poem tells how a selfish lady was turned into a woodpecker.  

  • Chapter 6 – No Men Are Foreign

On this planet earth, everyone is same and there are no men strange and no country foreign. The poet has expressed this feeling beautifully to spread unity and peace in the world. He states the when we all are living on the same planet why there should be differentiation according to country? Why other country must be called a foreign country and why others are strangers to us. Students will understand this promotion of peace through this great poem.

  • Chapter 7 – The Duck and The Kangaroo

This poem is a nice conversation between a duck and a kangaroo. The duck is bored sitting in pond and requests kangaroo to take her on his back and have a round at places. The duck likes the kangaroo’s freedom to hop around any place he likes. She wishes if she would be like him to roam around freely. The students will know whether the kangaroo accepts duck’s request and has her on a tour.

  • Chapter 8 – On Killing A Tree

This poem expresses the concept of trees coming back to life even if they are cut. The poet says that the life should be like trees and just because it is fed for years on sunlight, water, and air they should not be killed. He also expresses that it would take a lot of hard work to ‘actually’ kill a tree. The students will understand the concept that the good thoughts cannot be killed as it can resurface and grow like earlier.

  • Chapter 9 – The Snake Trying

This poem is representative of the dreams and goals by a human. Most people fear snake but does snake fear people too? In this poem, the students can learn about a snake being chased by a human instead of snake chasing human. At the end, students will understand how to live a life to fulfill ones dreams.  

  • Chapter 10 – A Slumber Did My Spirit-Seal

This is a great poem by all-time most renowned poets, William Wordsworth. This poem is about his soul that has been sealed because of the demise of his beloved lady. This poem express how he is feeling to know that his beloved in no more a living person but just like rocks, trees, and stones around us. She no more has senses to feel this worldly liveliness as she is beyond all this.

Scope for Class 9 English: –

  • The learning of class 9 English will be a good start to the preparation of important portion of class 10.
  • English literature can open you the doors of various opportunities in future.
  • Students can opt for B. Lit or further do D. Lit in English literature which can give them a good job.
  • There are other honorary courses if you want to specialize in English.
  • Being a global language, a student can get a good opportunity in well-known universities across the world. 
  • Class 9 English is a good platform to gauge oneself of his interest in English and NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English can start this process for students.
  • One can get jobs like advertising manager, public relations manager, technical writer, teacher, author & teacher, librarian, editor, and many more.

Sources of Class 9 English NCERT Solutions: –

  • One can download PDFs from the official website of NCERT.
  • The books are available in most stores near to you.
  • NCERT Solutions are also available on other websites where you can take down the notes or summary.
  • Your schools can help you getting these books online or offline.

Importance of Class 9 English: –

  • Whatever job you do in future learning English will help students there.
  • If some students are good in understanding and speaking English they can grow comparatively quickly because it is a foreign language.
  • English has a global recognition and it is always going to impress others when you are at work or at seminars.
  • Learning English by heart in class 9 will make the roots of class 10 strong and student can get good high marks in the language.
  • Expertise in English helps develop personality and confidence which can impress others at your workplace or business, plus it also increases the general awareness and boost knowledge.

Conclusion: –

English, being a global language, can help students to learn other important things in the world. Students can learn about other countries, their development, policies, cultures, and lifestyle. NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English can clear the doubts and students will understand the language better. Writers do not write only for fun but for spreading some message so students can learn between the lines to know the message.


Why English is a tough language?

Tough and easy are perceptions and anything learned by heart will eventually get easier. Written English may not be tough but understanding spoken English can be difficult because each talks in his accent.

Why most students fear English as educational language?

It is misinterpretation that leads this fear. Mouth to mouth publicity of English is bad and before even knowing what English is about, students seem to fear it.

Why most students in India fail in English?

This happens because of lack of application of mind. The family background also plays an important role in this. Most parents themselves fear it and hence students fail.

If I graduate in English can I get good job?

Yes, the jobs are aplenty. You can become a teacher, an author, a librarian, an editor, and so on.

Is there a degree in English in India?

Yes, you can opt for B.A. in English which can give you a degree in India.

How English language became global language?

As the British toured all over the world to increase their trading they visited to many countries and hence though it is not national language, people do speak English.

How many topics are there in Class 9 English?

There are two sections prose and poem and each contains 11 and 10 topics respectively. NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English can make them understand better.      

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