NCERT Solutions For Class 7 English

NCERT Solutions For Class 7 English

Learning languages is always good as the languages are culture and an indication of the prosperity of the country. As we know, there are several languages in the world but English is the most spoken language all over the world. English is understood by many though they can’t communicate in it and English is recognized as the language of the world concerning communication among each other.

It does not matter if one doesn’t speak or write English regularly but studying it will give you a worldwide exploration. If you are traveling abroad for a job, then spoken and written English will be your strength. Studying English for educational purposes is also enough for you to be able to communicate with different people. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English will help you to get good grades and confidence for the rest of your life.  

Chapter-wise summary

English Honeycomb

Chapter 1 – Three Questions

This chapter tells a story about a king who believed that any person who knows the answers to his three questions, he/she would never fail in life. The chapter tells the journey of the king in search of such a person and how he ended his journey. The three questions the king would ask were –

  • What is the right time to begin something?
  • Which people he should listen to?
  • What is the most important thing for him to do?

In the process, he invited people and many wise men attended to the questions but all the answers were very different from each other forcing king not to reward anyone. The king himself set out to find the answer as disguised and on the way when he met the hermit, in a series of incidences he found the right answers himself.

Chapter 2 – A Gift of Chappals

In this chapter, the students can learn about the innocence of the kids. The kids generously offered help to an orphaned cat. Mridu, a young girl visits her grandparents where she sees a boy complaining about his parents who tell children to help animals but when the time comes they shout for help. This boy has helped a cat by feeding milk from his quota and does not want elders to know this. The girl also experiences the kindness of a boy who gifts chappals to a beggar who is bare feet and got pink blisters all over his foot. 

Chapter 3 – Gopal and the Hilsa Fish

In this chapter, the students will come across a hilarious story of Gopal, the wisest court man of the King. During the season of Hilsa fish, everyone was talking only about the fish wherever they go. The talks about the Hilsa fish were in the market, in homes, on the streets, and it even reached to king’s court. Irritated with this, the king challenged Gopal to buy a big fish from the market and walk to court without anyone asking him about the Hilsa. A few days later, Gopal went to market but in completely different attire, his beard shaved half from his face, ash smeared all over his body, wearing an old rug, and looking disgraceful. This made him win the challenge as none asked him about the fish but his attire. 

Chapter 4 – The Ashes that Made Trees Bloom

This chapter tells students a story of a dog and its masters. An old couple loved this dog like their child and the dog used to help the old couple in their work. One day, because of the dog, the couple found a treasure of gold coins and became rich. Seeing this, a greedy couple in the same area took the dog to dig at their place. But the greedy couple got angry as a dead cat was found there. They killed the dog and buried it there itself. The story will make the students understand that everyone has a different fortune and one has to live with it.

Chapter 5 – Quality

This is the story of Mr. Gessler who made spectacular quality boots. The author was fond of the quality and longevity the boots will give. The author used to order many pairs from the Gessler brothers because of their high quality. Over time, elder Gessler died and the other one kept the work on. Gessler always blamed big brands for concentrating on customers but don’t give quality boots to them which was true. In the end, the author comes to know that Gessler lived entire life making excellent quality boots but died of starvation. 

Chapter 6 – Expert Detectives

This chapter is about Mr. Nath who lives near Nishad and his sister Maya. Both are concerned about the well-being of Mr. Nath as he is treated by their doctor mother. The siblings keep guessing about him as to whether he is a good guy or not. Maya feels he is a good guy and her brother feels otherwise. This story will teach students not to judge a person by his looks but to understand him.

Chapter 7 – The Invention of Vita Wonk

In this chapter, the students will learn about Mr. Willy Wonka, a chocolate factory owner, who invented Wonka-Vite which reduced people’s ages. The formula was so strong that some people disappeared, one of which to minus 87 years. The owner now has to invent the opposite to increase the ages of those people. This indicative story further states that he made the invention called Vita-Wonke with some unheard things and finally he was able to increase the age of a person from 20 years to 75    

Chapter 8 – Fire: Friend and Foe

This chapter discusses the advantages and disadvantages of fire. It states that a fire can be a good servant but it is a bad master. The fire was unknown to the early man and it must have been magic when it was discovered. A fire can make huge things turn into ash and it is difficult to control if it is huge as it spreads fast. We can cut the oxygen, pour water, or call upon a fire brigade to shut it off. The fire extinguishers use carbon dioxide to shut the fire off.

Chapter 9 – A Bicycle in Good Repair

This is a story of the author and his friend who went for a bicycle ride and the friend realized the need of repairing the bicycle. Though the author was sure there is no need for repair, the friend continued and made a mess of a good bicycle. The author wants to leave a message to students that you may be soft and do not want to hurt people but this can be a big drawback as you can suffer a major loss.

Chapter 10 – The Story of Cricket

Cricket is arguably the most famous sport in India. This chapter narrates the history of cricket briefly. It states how the cricket equipment is made, the first test match between England and Australia, the start of play in India by the Parsi community, the introduction of rules in 1744, and a lot more. The students interested in cricket would like to know this past of cricket.

English Honeycomb Poems

Poem 1 – The Squirrel

This is a short poem by Mildred Bowers Armstrong. The poem describes everything about a squirrel in its 6 lines appearance. The poem is self-explanatory and crisp and tells about the playful and active nature of a squirrel. Its tail looked like a question mark to the poet while its fur looked like she is wearing an overcoat.

Poem 2 – The Rebel

Rebels are those who deny the rules and draw their path. Such people always do different things than others and they always want to prove them. Most youths seem to rebel as they don’t follow in the footsteps of their parents. This is a change in every generation will observe but as advised at the end of the poem, it is not the right way to do it.  

Poem 3 – The Shed

This poem states the fear in one’s mind for a mysterious thing or place he finds. There is a shed at the bottom of the poet’s garden that he wants to visit. But the place is not in good shape with creaking windows without panes. He always wonders who lives there but his brother scares him by saying a ghost lives there and would cut off his head if he enters in. The poet, however, agrees that the brother tells these thongs because he wants to keep the shed for him. 

Poem 4 – Chivvy

This poem is about the elders guiding the children at each step and telling them how to sit, how to talk, how to walk, and so on. The grown-ups always want children to follow what they tell and what they do. But when the time comes they also feel that the children, now younger, must be able to make the decisions. These final lines show the poet is puzzled how grown-ups can change their mind all of a sudden as they wanted the same person to listen to them.

Poem 5 – Trees

This poem expresses the importance and significance of trees in nature, trees are important for human beings too as apart from giving them oxygen, they demonstrate a lot of other uses too. the trees are used by birds, the children swing along their branches, grown-ups have fun below and around the trees, and passersby stand to get cool shade in hot summer.

Poem 6 – Mystery of the Talking Fan

This poem will tell the students about a fan who wanted to tell something to people below in the room. The poet hears the noise of the fan and calls it electrical chatter. Before the poet understands what he wants to tell someone oils up the fan. As a result, it works very smoothly and the electrical chatter is not heard thereafter.

Poem 7 – Dad and the Cat and the Tree

This is a humorous poem about the author’s Dad, a cat, and a tree. While the cat is stuck on the tree, Dad wants to get it down. His wife cautions him but saying he is a climber he tries to get on the tree but falls. Again he tries to swing on the branch which brakes and he again falls. When he succeeds to climb from the garden wall the cat jumps and lands safely on the ground but the poor father now gets stuck on the tree.

Poem 8 – Meadow Surprises

This poem is about the beautiful meadow with velvet grass that surprises one and all. The meadow is very beautiful with butterflies, rabbits, nests, burrows, dandelions, and mounds. There are several houses in the meadows with burrows in the ground, nests beneath the tall grass, and mounds for ants.

Poem 9 – Garden Snake

This is a poem of a young narrator who located the snake and runs away with the fear of it being dangerous. His mother makes him understand that some species of snakes are dangerous and not all as the non-poisonous snakes eat insects. On this, the child is no more afraid of the snake and observes the activities of the snake.

Scope for English

Graduating in English or doing a Ph.D. can open several doors to job opportunities. Most students do graduation in English only if they don’t get good grades to opt for other streams. In India, English is considered a tough subject and most students are afraid of the language. It may be because of their family background or maybe because others fear English so this person also thinks it’s tough. However, there are good chances to get a high-profile job for English graduates –

  • Lecturer
  • Anchor
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Librarian
  • Social Service
  • Magazine or Newspaper Editor

Sources of NCERT Solutions

  • Students can avail of NCERT solutions from the nearby book stores.
  • The schools can help them to get NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English.
  • They can get the solutions online from the official website of NCERT
  • The solutions are also available on e-commerce websites to order online.
  • Other educational websites can be referred to by students and take down the notes from them.

Importance of English

English is recognized as an international language and is permitted by most countries. You won’t find a country where no person communicates in English. Because of its international tag, it is considered the most prestigious to speak. Moreover, it is essential to know English to carry out the day-to-day work too if you are in a country with the most spoken English.

English literature is widespread because the language is present in every nook and corner of the world. Therefore, the literature is found globally. Studying English from the basic school level will not only give knowledge but also the confidence to live in the outer world. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English makes your job easier due to the perfect and relevant answers which can be understood by a student of any capacity.

Features and Characteristics of English

  • It is verbal, vocal, and sound
  • Language is means of communication
  • It is a social phenomenon
  • Language is arbitrary.
  • It is non-instinctive and conventional
  • Language is symbolic
  • It is systematic
  • It is unique, creative, complex, and modifiable
  • Language is human and structurally complex


Learning English from the bottom level will help the students understand it better. If English was a tough language we would not have any teachers left to teach it. Moreover, the syllabus is always set according to the capacity of the average student. Study English fearlessly and with honesty and you will find it more interesting to learn. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English will help you generously if you study it along with your textbook.    


Is English literature difficult?

No, it is not. The language in literature will be pure and a little different from spoken English but that is the grammatically correct one.

What are the sections in class 7 English?

Students will go through two sections in class 7 English, Honeycomb Prose and Honeycomb Poem.

To what level do students have English in the curriculum?

Students ought to learn English till class 10 and after that, if they have not planned graduation in English they can opt out.

What is the benefit of English?

As we know, English is an international language, if you need to go abroad, the knowledge of written and spoken English will help you tremendously.

What is the future scope for English?

As a career, you can choose English and if not, it will help you in your higher studies.

How are the chances of job opportunities?

Job opportunities are multiple as they are in each field. Whatever you study you have a chance to get a job.

Is English an official language in India?

No, it is not an official language but it is permitted to be used in daily workings such as corporates or communication.

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