NCERT Solutions For Class 6 English

NCERT Solutions For Class 6 English

English is a global language. In India, it is considered the corporate language as some language has to be common for better communication and since India has a lot of languages within, the corporate language is taken as English. Every language exhibits a great culture of literature and amazing writing. Learning English gives a person global recognition since it is a global language. It is the widest spoken language in the world and a person well versed in written and spoken language is having a great opportunity to grow.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English will make the path of the students very clear and easier. Learning English from school levels is the base of grammatically correct English presentations. Many students accept the option of learning from the solutions along with the textbooks. 

English Honeysuckle

Chapter-wise summary

Chapter 1 – Who Did Patrick’s Homework?

As you guessed, Patrick is the center of the story. This chapter is about Patrick and an elf. Patrick, a naughty boy, liked to play volleyball, basketball, and hockey, but hate to study and do homework. His teachers thought of him as dumb and they used to warn him daily about homework. This is a story where Patrick found a cat playing with a toy which is in fact an elf. He saves the elf and gets a wish to fulfill. Patrick asks him to do his homework for 35 days. As the elf did not know the subjects, Patrick used to read lessons for him so he finally got good marks in the exam.

Chapter 2 – How the Dog Found Himself a New Master?

This is a short story about the time when dogs were wild animals too. one of them did not want to live itself and wished to have ready food. So the dog decided to find the most powerful creature on Earth. He found the lion as the strongest and started serving him loyally. When one day they came across a man, fearing him the lion they ordered to follow the man and since then realizing that the men are most powerful, dogs are serving them loyally.

Chapter 3 – Taro’s Reward

Taro was a small-time wood-cutter living with his parents. On a chilly night, his father wishes to have sake but it was too expensive. He decides to work overtime and leaves early for the forest to collect more woods for money. Working for a very long time he feels thirsty and hears some waterfall sound. When he drinks water, he realizes it is sake. This chapter tells what happens next and how he gets his reward from the king and the same beautiful waterfall is given his name.

Chapter 4 – An Indian American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla

Kalpana was an Indian who married an American. She became a pilot after which she applied to NASA for a space shuttle program. This chapter explains her inspiring journey as a research scientist and then an astronaut. It was a proud moment for every Indian when she became the first Indian woman to travel to space.

Chapter 5 – A Different Kind of School

This is the story of Miss Beam’s school in which the students were taught to help and sympathize with each other. The author heard about the school and observed many out-of-box teachings in school. He saw a boy guiding a girl with her eyes blinded and he was amazed by the idea of teaching the students this way. The students will understand some great ways to teach the children.

Chapter 6 – Who I am

In this chapter, the students will learn about the different forms of human beings. It is described with the help of six different personalities; Radha, Rohit, Nasir, Sarabjit, Dolma, and Peter. In the chapter, the six people’s thought processes and priorities are very well explained.

Chapter 7 – Fair Play

This chapter is about two friends Jumman Sheikh and Alagu Chaudhary and is divided n 3 parts. At first, a relative of Jumman offers him her property for looking after her. Days later, Jumman and his family start neglecting her and she goes to the judges of the village. In the next two parts, the author has beautifully explained the values of trust, friendship, and the importance of justice.

Chapter 8 – A Game of Chance

During the Eid festival in his village, Rasheed went to a fair that would take place every year. His Uncle has taken him and their domestic servant there and went away with his friends to the fair. However, he had warned Rasheed not to go far or buy anything. This chapter is about a shopkeeper, The Lucky shop cheated on people to earn money. It summarises not to think too much about the loss and move on in life wisely.

Chapter 9 – Desert Animals

This chapter is about the various animals that live and survive in the extreme conditions of deserts. The chapter explains how camels get their life moving in various ways of habitats. The chapter also mentions animals like Gerbils, Darkling beetles, types of snakes, Rattler, and Mongoose. As per the life cycle, these animals survive on each other.

Chapter 10 – The Banyan Tree

This is a story described in two parts and 7 sub-parts in total. In the story, a boy used to take shelter under a big banyan tree for his reading habit and sightseeing. One day saw a fight between a mongoose and a cobra. It narrates how the mongoose went on winning in each round and finally beat the cobra by making him tired and weak.

English Honeysuckle Poem

Poem wise summary

Poem 1 – A House, A Home

This beautiful poem explains how the house is only a structure with a good appearance but incomplete without any family. A family living in the house lovingly makes a home. The poem stresses just building a house is not enough unless there lives a happy and loving family, it cannot become a home.  

Poem 2 – The Kite

A kite moving freely in the sky is a pleasant sight to look at. It moves nicely in the wind and looks like a ship with one sail. It rides on the current of the wind just as the ship on the waves in the sea. This poem explains how artistically the kite makes its moves according to changing weather. However, when the string holding it gets cut, it becomes an ugly thing falling back to the ground.

Poem 3 – The Quarrel

This short poem explains how a quarrel between two brothers starts on a pretty matter and goes on to be bigger at the end. The brother fights to mention many things one after another and the atmosphere becomes unpleasant. Finally, the poet’s brother closes the matter saying he was wrong and the same is realized by the poet who agrees it was his mistake.

Poem 4 – Beauty

Beauty can be seen, heard, and felt; it can be seen in the trees, the sunlight, the growing corn, or the birds. It can be also seen in the people and those who dance for their harvest. Beauty can be heard in the night when the wind sigh, rain falls, or a singer chants. Beauty can be felt by one’s own self, when one does a good thing, and think happily. It repeats itself in dreams, in work, and in rest too.

Poem 5 – Where Do All Teachers Go?

The child poet thinks the teachers are not ordinary people like others hence he is thoughtful of where the teachers go after school. He wonders whether they have done any mistakes in their life like losing their books in their childhood. The teachers are perfect for all students and so they lived a perfect life. The child poet wishes to follow a teacher and find out what they do to write in his poem.  

Poem 6 – The Wonderful World

This nice poem puts forward an opinion that thoughts should not die for the want of words. English is a very vast language and the game of finding words for thoughts is funny. Sadly many thoughts die because they are not put in words on paper. Each person should try to express his thoughts in the form of suitable words. Words are like food and clothing to thoughts and give them energy and body. Expressing thoughts in words is a beautiful art and unless it is done, thoughts remain caged.

Poem 7 – Vocation

This poem describes the thoughts of a boy who feels a hawker, gardener, and watchman are happy and free persons without any restrictions. When he sees the hawker moving from place to place and no one asks him why he goes that way, his time to return home is not fixed, the boy thinks he is fortunate. The gardener maligns his clothes doing his job but none scolds him and the watchman wanders through the corridors at night without anyone stopping him. The boy considers them the luckiest and happiest people.

Poem 8 – What if

This is a poem about people who always think negatively and feels what if anything happens to them. The poem describes the unnecessary fear and doubts in the minds of weak and negative-minded people. Their negative thoughts will go on increasing and hence they will fear more.

Importance of English

Since English is a globally spoken language, it is essential for the students to learn basic concepts of it. Though spoken and written English is grammatically different, it is important to know that written English must be more accurate as it decides the marks of the students. The students will want to study English because everyone will want to secure a future.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English offers good study material to students that include test papers, question papers, most expected questions, and answers with good description. English is a very powerful and popular medium of communication across the globe.

Scope for English

Graduating in English is not the traditional option as most students will want to have a grand future with a handsome salary. If the students graduate in English it is not quite possible. As per normal thinking graduating in English means the only option is to become a teacher or professor. However, there are other opportunities for getting jobs in different sectors.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English will make the purpose much easier. Learning solutions will increase the knowledge of the students and it will give them a boost in marks. Here are some of the opportunities mentioned below –

Lecturer – A teacher is always next to the parents of the students. They can make life good for the students with proper education.

Librarian – A person, who loves to read books on different subjects, will be happier to accept the job of a librarian.

Anchor – As digital and social media is growing rapidly, the job of anchor needs a person with a good personality and vocabulary.

Social Service – People with strong writing and communication skills are sought by many social service NGOs and organizations. A person who likes to help underprivileged people will like to do this kind of job.

Writer – The writers need no limits to write as they can write on several subjects and languages known by him.

Copywriter – A copywriter can grow quickly if he has the talent to present the subject in eye-catching ways.

Magazine or Newspaper Editor – Handling a team of creative-minded people and conducting the services of public relations through media is a great thing.

These are some of the major jobs an English graduate can acquire.

Sources for NCERT Solutions:

  • Those who want can download the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English PDFs from the official website of NCERT.
  • The students can get help from their schools to buy these solutions.
  • The students can avail of the solutions through e-commerce online purchase services.
  • Students can purchase these from a nearby bookstore.
  • Students can also refer to other educational websites and take down the notes from these websites.


English is one of the world’s most sought languages as it is spoken across the globe. It is a noted official language in most countries. It also unites the world by connecting them with each other. Most countries opted to get English on their educational board and they want it to become compulsory to learn at the school level. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English, in India, can make the student’s basics very strong and they will become well-versed with the language to enter the future world.


Why do most students feel English is tough?

It is the question of understanding and at which level students are starting to learn English.

Why learning English is important?

Since English is a globally recognized language; it will be an advantage to learn it as much as possible.

Can a student get a government job with English graduation?

Yes, a lot of government sectors seek English graduates such as telecommunications.

What is the benefit for a student who has a good command of English?

A person with good command of English will have a good demand in the communications sector.

Is English literature good to learn?

Yes, every language is beautifully laced with various poems and prose. The literature is both fun and knowledge.              

Where can we get these books?

Aspirants can get the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English both offline and online.

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