NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Computer Science

NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Computer Science

What started just to make computation easy has become a great thing today. Yes, the computer was invented to make calculations easy. Once the computer was invented and executed its multispecialty uses started to come in front of the people. As of now, it is difficult to find such a place where a computer is not used.

As the computer was brought into the market people realized its unique features and soon many experts in software engineering started to invent new things in computer technology. So, ideally, computer science is a study of computation, automation, and information. Computer science consists of theoretical disciplines like algorithms, theory of computation, information theory, and practical disciplines like design and implementation of hardware and software.

Computer science is different than computer programming and is considered an area of academic research. Algorithms and data structures are the core of computer science. The computer also has multiple applications in educational, institutional, or research fields. As compared to old times many things are now replaced with a computer (technology) because the books are now available digitally in the form of PDFs. Ledgers or registers in offices are no more maintained manually as they are replaced by folders and files on the computer.   

Class 10 Computer Science Chapter-wise Summary: –

Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 1 – Internet Basics: –

This chapter teaches about the world of the internet or the basics of information technology. Students can come across the basic words of the computer language like Web Browsers, Web Servers, Web Pages, Web Sites, E-mail addresses, World Wide Web, Web Clients, URL, HTTP, Blogs, and many more. However, the major important thing students can learn is foundational concepts of internet and information technology and various types of web services.     

Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 2 – Internet Services: –

From this chapter, students can learn about various services available on the internet. Students will get familiar with email, chat, video conferencing, social networking, e-Governance, E-Reservation, e-Banking, e-Shopping, and e-Learning. Out of the above, we all have seen the importance of e-Learning for the last two years during the pandemic. They will also be able to know detail about search engines and Telnet and FTP. We know many students must know these services even before Class 10 and will enjoy studying this chapter.    

Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 3 – Database Concepts: –

The digital world is growing so information processing tools are a very important mechanism. To maintain the standard and remain in competition many advanced technologies are included in the well-structured information management system. Therefore database concepts will let the students understand basic terminologies relevant to this topic and learn important things about the database. Now the PF for these solutions is also available. Creating a database, data types, entering data, inserting and deleting fields and records, and much more can be learned in this chapter. 

Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 4 – Microsoft Access: –

Microsoft Access is database management that is included in the Microsoft Office suite. It helps users create a database that is flexible as the user can modify, add, or delete the data from the database. It has many tools and a good way to handle data. Microsoft Access is explained in detail and can be used efficiently. The subject is made very simple to grasp the concept easily. The solutions are made by experts and students can learn them better.   

Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 5 – HTML: –

No person may be there who has not heard HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) word. This chapter is all about the information on web pages and designing them using HTML. Students can learn to create and save HTML documents and access a web page using a web browser. Some technical terms are complex to learn but NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Computer Science is the key factor to make it easier.    

Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 6 – Interesting Images and Links in HTML: –

This chapter is next level to HTML, the previous chapter. The chapter teaches about inserting the image on the web page using different features of HTML. The tags, their attributes, and benefits of the process of linking are explained in an easy way. This chapter will give students clarity on the process and the concepts of image inserting and linking in HTML. The solutions will help the students to improve their knowledge of HTML with the help of solved questions and answers.  

Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 7 – Working with Tables in HTML: –

Tables are typically arranged in traditional columns and rows in HTML too. Today tables have become a very important tool for web page layout as it provides a great solution for structured navigation. This chapter will teach students how to create a table in HTML step-by-step. The chapter has a clear goal to explain the process of inserting the tables into HTML.  

Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 8 – Introduction to XML: –

This chapter is about XML (Extensible Markup Language) concepts. It states the simple rules to writing XML documents and the difference between the XML and HTML with respect to the tags, data separation, nesting of elements, document structure, data sharing, values, and attributes. The NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Computer Science will make the student understand what XML exactly is and they can prepare well with sets of questions and answers. 

Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 9 – Societal Impacts of IT: –

Today’s demand is IT and a lot of students aspire to get a good knowledge of IT to make a successful career. IT has amazingly changed the things in computation, technology, and communication fields. IT is also used in program planning, medical diagnosis, quality control, instructions, law enforcement, and a lot of others. However, where advantages always accompany disadvantages and the same applies here. This chapter focuses on informing students about the positives and negatives of IT. A lot of threats like malware, hackers, spyware, worms, virus, etc are associated with IT. The students will learn the pros and cons of IT technology and how to identify the difference between good and bad.

Scope of Computer Science: –

A Computer Science degree can open a big platform for a person who wishes to make a career in this field. There are infinite opportunities in the Information Technology sector as it is widespread around the globe. From Computer Basics to Programming you can learn anything you like and become a highly paid executive in the corporate world. If you can master some areas then the sky is the limit for your growth. A master’s degree in IT can further raise your bar higher and if you are really talented and innovative companies will run after you.

We have just a look at some of the opportunities you can grab for the following posts –

  • Computer Programmer – To develop operating systems, websites, and mobile apps using programming language codes.
  • Research Analyst – His role is to document data, conduct surveys, and research and collect online information.
  • System Database Administrator – He plans the structure of the database, administers, tests, and runs the system database.
  • Software Developer – He develops, tests, and runs computer applications and software programs.
  • Data Warehouse Analyst – Data management, collection, and mining are the main responsibilities of a data warehouse analyst.
  • Web Developer – Development and testing of web pages using codes will be the primary job.  
  • Data Scientist – Creating and storing databases by analyzing and processing the data and data modeling.

A Career in Computer Science (IT): –

A degree in computer science is not an easy task first of all. It needs a lot of passion and devotion to learn the subject. The determination must also be there along with willingness and submission. If you have a degree in computer science you may get a job quickly but climbing the ladder may be quite competitive and time-consuming. But it is new for industries so the opportunities are great to get good rewards and a career boost.

Getting a master’s degree will open more floodgates of higher salary for you. If you are a master’s you might get 28 percent more salary than a bachelor’s. This will be a good lifetime investment to get a better prospect in the future.

Growth with Computer Science degree: –

As you study level up courses the chances of growth will multiply in the future. Technology always keeps changing in positive terms and keeping yourself updated is the key to success in this field. If you are willing and passionate about the IT sector you will always keep on updating to learn the newest things. This knowledge you can utilize in your job and try to get a higher and more respected position in the office.

This is the reason upskilling is very crucial in a career. Think if you are adding some value to your work and making the company earn more money, who will not like to retain you? The latest inventions and fast-improving technology ask you to be always on your toes and grab every opportunity to learn the new technology which is evolving by leaps and bound.   

Conclusion: –

Computer Science is great to learn and NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Computer Science can give you the best opportunity to learn whatever is best available at your level. Computer courses, degrees, or masters can give you a lot of job opening options based on what you studied. It is a golden opportunity for young generation students to learn computer science at such young age compared to the previous generation who either studied it late or never studied.

In the coming years, you won’t find a person who has not learned computers because it has become a very common thing to operate a computer. In most stable families you would find at least one personal computer or laptop to date. But yes, all do not necessarily know IT because most use it for their daily updates, reading, and viewing videos.


Where can I download the latest NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Computers?

You can download Class 10 Computers NCERT Solutions for a current academic session from

Can I download the Class 10 Computers Solutions of NCERT in PDF?

Yes – You can click on the links above and download the latest answers to questions in your NCERT books in PDF

Why learning about a computer is important?

Learning computer is equivalent to being literate nowadays. It opens you a lot of opportunities in jobs or businesses to grow your career.

What makes a person with a Master’s degree a prominent candidate for high-a profile job?

As we know, a little ‘extra’ push can always land you in the arena of grand success provided you are ready to apply yourself.

Can I get a good job if I do Computer Science?

Yes, the job opportunities are more than usual streams and the future is bright for those who do Computer Science.

How to use NCERT Solutions?

The NCERT solutions are for your better understanding. Read the narration of each chapter by heart and then go through the questions and answers part. It is better if you read, write, and remember the answers by repeating the process.

Can I get a job in Banks or Finance if I study Computer Science?

Yes, surely you can get a job in banks or finance as both need IT professionals today to carry on their day-to-day activity and scanning of the system periodically.

Is Class 10 Computer Science difficult to learn?

It is not difficult but it is not easy either. Unless you have an interest and will to learn, it will not be a cakewalk for you. You must be determined and firm to learn it.  

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