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NCERT Solution Class 12 English 2021-22

NCERT Solution Class 12 English: English is among the more interesting & scoring subjects in CBSE Class 12 curriculum. Moreover, there are 2 textbooks included in the Class-12 CBSE syllabus namely, Vistas & Flamingo. This book is comprised of more interesting poems and stories. The Class-12 English Flamingo has a total of 14-chapters where 8 of them are prose and six of them are poems.

It’s more significant for students to comprehend the interpretation, analysis, and summary of every chapter that’s inside these textbooks. This Class-12 English textbook offers students benefits with practical questions. The textbook solutions assist students in exams and their everyday homework routine. Solutions added are simple to understand, & every step in the solution is explained to match students’ understanding.


NCERT-Solutions fNCERT Solution Class 12 English | Chapters-wise: Vistas

Vistas Chapter 1: The Third Level

This chapter is authored by Jack-Finney, the story concentrates on war & modernity. It’s all about Charley, who is a man 31 years. Charley reached the third level of Grand-Central Station which has just 2 levels. After that, Charley visits Sam, who is his psychiatrist pal. Charley’s imagination is created by war stress. This chapter has 9 questions for the exercise with 2 short & 7 long answers.

Vistas Chapter 2: The Tiger-King

This story is narrated by Ramaswamy Aiyer-Krishnamurthy who is a writer. He narrates the story of a King of Pratibandapuram. After King’s birth, astrologers foretold that he is predestined to be a hero though he will be slain one day. He stated the tiger to be the source of death. This revelation made the King thrown into a frenzy to kill every tiger. In the end, he killed about 99 tigers using his gun though he missed the 100th. In the end, the King died because of an infection that was caused by a wooden tiger splinter. The chapter has an exercise at the end with a total of 9 questions. Five of which are short answers & four long answers.

Vistas Chapter 3: End of the Earth Journey

This chapter’s story is composed by Pearl-S. Buck. The story talks about a Japanese doctor & his wife’s dilemma they encountered when they came through a bruised American soldier. It’s set in the time of the Second World War, between America and Japan conflict. The Japanese doctor & his wife were in a dilemma of whether he should expose the soldier’s location to uphold his patriotic responsibility or to treat him in fulfilling his moral responsibility. After viewing the severity of the soldier’s injuries, the two decided to take him to their home & treat his cuts in secret, much to the staff’s objection & protest. The two nursed him back to well-being & later assisted him to escape. This chapter has 6 questions as the exercise: Two of which are short answers while four of them are long answers.

Vistas Chapter 4: The Enemy

This chapter has the story of the recollection of writer Tishani-Doshi’s expedition to the  Southern end of the world (Antarctica). In association with the ‘Students-on-Ice’ program, the composer moves on the expedition using a collection of students. The composer recounts what he viewed there & his perception. Socially, the writer belongs to sun-worshipping culture, & it was past his imagination to go a cold place where just miles & miles of ice are observable. In this chapter, you will have 14 exercise questions.

Vistas Chapter 5: Should Wizard hit Mommy

In chapter 5, John Updike composes about Jack & his daughters. Hack narrates Roger’s story, a skunk, to the daughter. He explained Roger being a small animal that had no friends who he could play with because of his smell. This little skunk moved into a wizard, & the wizard changed his smell to be like that of a rose which annoyed Roger’s mother. After that, his mother hit the wizard & changed back to his original smell. Jack’s daughter was upset with the plot of the story and asks the father to move to another story plot next time. Her father informs her that the story’s major point is in a resigned way & requests her to sleep. Here you will have 9 exercise questions.

Vistas Chapter 6: On the Face of It

The story is composed by Susan Hill. This story is all about Derry, who is a teenage boy, & Mr. Lamb, who is an aged man that has a burnt face and is often mocked & bullied. One time, when he was hiding from the bullies, Derry enters the garden of Mr. Lamb, who was disabled and utilized tin support for his leg. Mr. Lamb welcomed him & listened to his plight. Mr. Lamb consoled Derry & encourages him to have positivity. After some time, they had an argument when Mr. Lamb requested Derry to ask permission from his mother of whether to help him pluck crabapples. Finally, when Derry returns, he got the disabled-man lying unconsciously on the ground. In this chapter, the student will find 6 questions as an exercise.

Vistas Chapter 7: Evans-Tries an O-level

The story of this chapter is composed by Normal-Colin Dexter and the story talks about Evan who was an infamous prisoner. Evan escaped from prison before. The Governor & jail authorities attempted their best from stopping Evan from fleeing, but finally, their efforts are all in vain the time he is successfully taken away by his pals posing like a prison officer. The student will find 12 questions in this chapter.

Vistas Chapter 8: Childhood Memories

This chapter is made of two autobiographical stories which were composed by Bama & Zitkala-Sa. The 1st story is composed by Zitkala-Sa who narrates a worrying memory. This writer belonging to Native-American ethnicity was taken to a boarding school where kids are taught American culture. Molding every girl to American culture, they had to cut their hair by force. This distressed composer hid because the cutting-off hair act is reflected as dishonorable in her culture. In the end, Zitkala-Sa is caught, & she submits herself to inevitable fate. The other story talks about the social-discrimination and it was written by Bama and found at an early age. This innocent young writer viewed a strange vision that she reflected to be silly. Her brother teaches her about social discrimination & untouchability. This changes her opinions on Indian society & shapes her future to be a fruitful writer. Here, you will find 3 questions for the exercise.


Chapter 1: The Last-Lesson

It’s composed by Alphonse Daudet. It’s a story which is narrated by Franz a French boy. German-occupied districts of Lorraine & Alsace in France are given orders to teach German in place of French by Berlin’s authorities. Franz hated studying & his teacher though decided to attend the final lesson which was taught by his tutor. His tutor taught about patriotism, nostalgia, & the love for the French mother tongue which made Franz admire him. In this chapter, the student will find 19 questions for the exercise.

Chapter 2: Lost Spring

This prose is written by Anees Jung. The chapter has numerous real-life tales of less fortunate kids with whom the story composer interacted about at his dreams & their lives reality. The first story talks about a boy who was named Saheb who was from Dhaka. This boy spends his day selecting rags from dumpsters in the author’s neighborhood. The other story is about Mukesh, who was the bangle maker. Here, a student will find 15 questions for the exercise.

Chapter 3: Deep Water

This story is an extract taken from an autobiography of writer ‘Of Men & Mountains.’ The composer, as a kid, visits the beaches together with his father. The bigger scale waves-instilled fear in the little writer’s mind. This story talks about his journey of getting over his subconscious fear of water using a strong determination. In this chapter, the student will find 16 questions for the exercise.

Chapter 4: The Rattrap

This prose is composed by Selma Lagerlof. The story talks about a destitute-rattrap seller begging & stealing for ends meet. Homeless rattrap-seller finally steals an old crofter’s money & flees to a thick forest where the ironmaster misidentified his identity. Ironmaster asked him to go to his home but later found his identity. With a woken conscience, the rattrap-seller returns money to the ironmaster’s daughter & thanks for their compassion This chapter consists of 33 exercise questions.

Chapter 5: Indigo

This story is composed by Louis-Fischer who is based on an interview of Mahatma-Gandhi booked by him. During his visit to Sevagram for interviewing Mahatma Gandhi, the composer was informed about the Indigo movement begun by Gandhi & other supporting leaders. This story is a narration of events of the way the movement started & the struggle which is behind the movement that led to guarding of sharecroppers. This chapter consists of 20 exercise questions.

Chapter 6: Poets & Pancakes

This prose is extracted from ‘My Years with the boss’. It’s by Asokamitran. The chapter includes experiences that the author had in Gemini-Studios & the individuals that operated there including the office boy that was named Subbu. Here you will get 24 exercise questions.

Chapter 7: The Interview

This chapter is an extract from an interview collection by Christopher-Silvester. This excerpt for the interview was between Mukund, who was a reporter from Hindu & a well-known composer & Umberto Eco, a professor of the University of Bologna. The number of exercise questions in this chapter is 12.

Chapter 8: Going Places

This prose was composed by A.R. Barton. The story of this chapter focuses on Sophie’s imagination. Sophie is a teenage lady who operates in a factory of biscuits and her dream of coming along Danny-Casey who was a celebrated footballer. This story ends with her being lost to her dreams. Sophie is persuaded by it & felt heartbroken when Casey doesn’t show up at the pledged location. In this chapter, you will get 21 exercise questions.


Chapter 1: My Mom at Sixty-six

This poem concentrates on poet Kamala-Das, with the pen-name ‘Madhavikutty’, and her relationship with the mothers. Moreover, the poet talks about her love for her mother & her realization that her mother looks frail and aged. The poet sympathizes with her mother’s state & is worried about her wellbeing. This chapter consists of 7 exercise questions.

Chapter 2: Elementary-School Classroom at Slum

This poem is composed by Stephen-Spender. The poem talks about the classroom for elementary students that are situated in a slum. Furthermore, the poet asks that kids should be permitted to move past their slums & experience other brighter world sides. The classroom is filled with charts, maps, posters, & images worldwide, unidentified & unreachable by kids. Some exercise questions in this chapter are 5.

Chapter 3: Keeping Quiet

The poem in this chapter talks about peace and Pablo-Neruda wrote it. The poet expressed his message importance of silence and peace through the poem. When the whole world is in a rush, the composer asks them to stop & count to 12 & be quiet. The silence enables everyone to introspect & check back on their actions. Silence form an unconscious unity among everyone, that’s usually interrupted by the language barrier.

Chapter 4: A Thing-of-Beauty

This poem is composed by John Keats. The poem speaks about attractive things that are the basis of eternal happiness. The dull & ugly side of the world, that causes negativity, will be wiped away using beautiful things. In a poem, the poet points out the beauty of nature & other things which can ever evoke awe. John-Keats compares attractive things to the shelter which offers shade, rejuvenation, and tranquility. The student will find 9 exercise questions in this chapter.

Chapter 5: A Roadside Stand

This poem is composed by Robert-Frost who focuses on poor-roadside stand owners’ lives that use their daytime praying to vend their products for them to get something to eat & maybe alleviate their disastrous condition. Stand-owners are snubbed by all, as well as the people in authorities that made promises to assist them. Here, you will find 6 exercise questions.

Chapter 6: Aunt Jennifer’s-Tigers

The poem in this chapter is composed by Adrienne-Rich. She states the inner need of Aunt Jennifer. Jennifer needs to have freedom from her spouse’s dominance though does not have the courage or motivation to do according to her desire. Exercise questions available in this chapter are 9.

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