Alternate activities for Science Practical work for classes 9-10

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With the school lockdown during the COVID pandemic, the amount of time available to teachers for face-to-face instruction has reduced in the current academic session. Further, the opportunities for hands-on teacher guided practical work for Science has also been limited. In September 2020, the Board guided schools vide CBSE Circular No. Acad-65/2020 dated 02nd Sept 2020 on the conduct of practical work during the lockdown, where the schools were advised to use the platform of OLabsto facilitate a virtual experience of CBSE curriculum aligned experiments/ activities for classes 9 to 12.

Further to this, the CBSE has curated a set of alternate experiments using simple, readily available household materials that learners can use to do these activities at their homes. The hands-on activities have been designed to have similar learning outcomes for all the lab experiments required to be done in 21-22 for class 9 and 10. Besides this, a list of additional activities from the NCERT lab manual for 9 (20 activities) and 10 (22 activities) are provided. Learners may use these to explore science concepts and gain better understanding.

These hands-on activities are accompanied by step-by-step guides, videos and worksheets for students to record observations. A list of material needed for each experiment, together with alternatives have also been included in the content package to facilitate the learners. The content has been provided by ThinkTac and is also available on the Diksha portal.

While the activities and materials have been chosen to be safe for learners to do on their own, teachers are required to review these before assigning them and advise parents if supervision is required for any specific activity. CBSE would be providing an online training on the usage of these activities, details of which will be intimated separately.

The list of the class 9 and 10 lab experiments and the links to access hands-on activities that can be used as an alternative is detailed as Annexure to this circular.

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